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Grand Mal Press' New Business Model:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” - ancient proverb

“Writing for Grand Mal Press has been a pleasure for me from the beginning, and I believe the new business model is a very easy transition for writers and advantageous to us all in the long run.” - Robert White, author of the Thomas Haftmann novels

“This publishing model may be a first. It combines the best features of a small press with the rewards of self-publishing.” - Matthew Darst, author of Dead Things


In October 2015, GMP ceased its traditional publishing model in favor of a new one that grants all rights and royalties to the authors of the books, while keeping them under the GMP imprint name.

The change is the result of two major catalysts:

First, the small press industry has made a massive shift toward print on demand ("POD") publishing in the last few years. What used to involve offset printing requirements and tens of thousands of dollars to produce a book, has been restructured by technology that allows everyone to publish books with minimal capital. A stigma no more, GMP is competing with self-publishing both in terms of sales and authors. That comes as no surprise. Self-publishing provides authors with total control of their books as well as granting them 100% of their sales. For that reason, bestselling and award-winning authors like Stephen King, Hugh Howey, David Mamet, Lawrence Block, and Brandon Sanderson have all tried their hand at self-publishing in recent years. It’s an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds and has proven successful for many.

Second, administering our current model of absolute control over everything from production to administrative operations is incredibly time-consuming. Full dedication of GMP's owner and management to the imprint means the all too important work-life balance is sacrificed. This partnership model will help ease stress and improve time management while still dedicating focused time to each book as well as new book production.

Grand Mal Press has shifted from a rights-controlling entity to a “publishing alliance" to ensure quality control of current and future titles under its banner, as well as mentoring authors about how to best produce, host, and control all sales routes of their books. Authors will receive these services for free.

GMP will continue to:
1. Produce professional print interiors. Interiors will still include ads for other books on the imprint. GMP titles will continue to be advertised in other books.
2. Produce all ebook files, ensuring proper formatting and hyperlinking technology.
3. Host the Grand Mal Press website and designate a page for each book, including links for sales.
4. Provide a GMP logo for use on the book cover/spine, and interior title page. Grand Mal Press will provide these files to authors free of charge and aid them in making sure books are uploaded to retailers properly.
5. Maintain the current review and acceptance process for all new titles. Submissions must still pass our strict criteria for acceptance by the imprint.

Further, for new GMP authors or submissions, GMP will provide:
1. At the author's election, a list of talented and professional editors and artists to respectively review your work and design covers.
2. The opportunity to leverage GMP's discounted rates when electing to use a recommended editor or artist.
--Alternatively, new authors may seek and pay for professional editors or artists of their own choosing as long as the work provided meets our exacting editorial and cover design standards. We will not allow poor quality to negatively impact our alliance model.

GMP will no longer pay advances, but our authors will keep all of their royalties. Authors will receive 100% of their sales in perpetuity after the book is produced.

There are undoubtedly questions and concerns, and we endeavor to answer some of them below. Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Q: What does Grand Mal Press get by moving in this new direction?
A: The continuation of our brand and the opportunity to continue to promote new authors and great books. Further, these changes should help reduce our time commitments to operations minutiae and allow GMP to focus on more production projects.

Q: But Grand Mal Press is a business, how do they make money from this endeavor?
A: Grand Mal Press has been providing outside book production services for many years, and we hope that our authors will avail themselves of these discounted rates. We also believe that by maintaining a reputable roster of titles, it will help foster the sales of all our titles.

Q: So you’re saying if I get accepted I have to pay you to edit my book and make a book cover?!
A: No. You’re free to go to whomever you want to receive these services. We merely require that the book is properly edited, and the cover looks professional enough to represent the company. You can refer to some of our existing covers, many created by hired artists, for the quality we desire. We are also happy to provide references to covers designed by our in-house production team should you wish to consider our discounted services.

Q: How discounted is discounted?
A: We know what professional artists and editors charge because we use them, and we guarantee our costs will be much less. However, each title will be billed on a work-by-work basis. We will offer an estimate up front before moving forward.

Q: What if I pay an editor/artist and I send back the manuscript and you still tell me it needs more editing?
A: Most reputable editors/artists offer 2-3 revisions for free. Be sure to check with whomever you hire before proceeding with them.

Q: I don’t know how to upload these files to the various retail sites.
A: We will walk you through the entire process, provide you with an instruction packet, and make ourselves available to answer any and all questions you have. We will make sure your books are uploaded properly to all printers and retail sites.

Q: I don’t know how to collect the money from the sales.
A: Once your files are uploaded, calculating sales and collecting your monies will be entirely automated by the services you will be using. Again, we will walk you through the process in our packets and make ourselves available for your questions.

Q: Will Grand Mal Press still market our books?
A: Yes. While there will be little change in marketing, our authors will be responsible for purchasing and providing any needed review or marketing copies. The benefits of this model ensure that your costs for ordering books is greatly reduced. Further, you'll be able to email book files whenever and to whomever you deem appropriate.

Q. If you require me to hire editors and artists, why does it benefit me to be on the imprint?
A: Being on an imprint opens more doors and offers more prospects than self-publishing. Although self-publishing is growing, many readers want to know that a book has been seriously vetted before purchasing it. Being a GMP author is like being in a family. We hope that all of our authors will become involved in the GMP community, working together and engaging each other to learn and create unique opportunities that may not otherwise be available. As an aside, most authors have their works professionally edited before submitting them to publishers anyway. Some of our authors even hired their own artists prior to the shift in our model to maintain creative control.

Q. What if, in fixing my own interior files, I mess them up. Will you help us fix them?
A. Depending on how badly the error is, we will happily fix them. If a major error occurs, we will revert back to the initial files we send you and go from there. A fee may be charged if there is extensive work involved, but we will never move forward without your acceptance.

Q. What if a reviewer, buyer, or other marketing party is only interested in talking to my publisher, will you talk to them?
A. Of course. We still represent your book and will handle any correspondence that requires our response.

Q. Will you continue to send out press releases for the titles?
A. We are happy to provide direction and will provide you with a template that you can use to craft a GMP release to your liking.

Q. Where do we send inquiries for review and press releases?
A. We will give you our current list of review and PR sites, but encourage you to do research as well, as new ones are always popping up. Also, our community of authors can be a great resource.

Q. How will I create an aduiobook?
A. and are the free services we already employ to create audiobooks. Authors choose a narrator, and then split the royalties with them 50/50. It is simple and easy, and all sales are automated through your ACX account. How to set up an account will be included in the packet we send.

Q. Will I need to purchase my own SBN?
A. Please note ISBN numbers are free through various online retailers such as CreateSpace and Smashwords (both of which GMP uses). If you choose to use a different printer, such as Spark, you may be required to obtain your own ISBN. In some cases we can offer them at a discount.

Q. What if I come on board and find it not to my liking later on?
A. We'd be happy to discuss any concerns in detail and realize this model may not be to everyone's liking. Authors are free to leave the imprint at any time, and we will gift them all of their print-ready files for free, sans GMP logos, and negate their contracts. We wish all of our authors--whether they stay or go--the best in their future endeavors.

Q: I’m happy with this model and my book has been what?
A: Again, this information will be in the packets, but should you wish to start right now to ensure a quick production schedule, you will want to sign up for accounts for Amazon’s KDP Program, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and They are all free. Once that’s done, send us an email and we’ll get going. And as always, we are here to answer your questions. (If you choose to use a different printer, such as Ingram Spark, just let us know and we can send you packets for those as well).

Feel free to ask us any questions not covered in the FAQ.

We hope to make this business model an easy experience for all of our new authors!

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11/17/14: We are pleased to announce we will be publishing Justin Coke's novel, DEAD WRANGLER.

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10/20/14: Win a free paperback copy of Ben Johnson's urban fantasy novel A SHADOW CAST IN DUST on Contest ends Nov 7.

6/24/14:We are pleased to announce we will be publishing Bryan W. Alaspa's novel, tentatively titled ROTATE THE EARTH.

5/21/14: Ben Johnson will be signing copies of his new novel at Krakatoa Coffee Shop in San Diego on Sat, June 7 from 3-5.

5/21/14:Now out! A SHADOW CAST IN DUST by Ben Johnson! An epic urban fantasy!

3/20/14:Take advantage of our REVIEW REWARD MONTH, all March, for free ebooks!

1/20/14: DEAD THINGS is now out in audiobook format!

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2/11/13: On Thursday February 14th, 2013 The Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will interview the distinguished scholar and author Geoffrey James whose historical novel "The Sorcerer" on Elizabethan magus John Dee has just been released by us. It should be noted that Geoffrey James is also the author of "Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee," and "Angel Magic', both factual and practical works on the magical art. Geoffrey brings a unique combination of talents to his novel: he is an historian, a magician and a masterful story teller. Tune in here: The Hermetic Hour

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6/25/12: We will be publishing Robert Essig's novel Through the In Between, Hell Awaits

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4/10/12: We've accepted a great sci fi/mystery novel from Cliff Johns. More info to come.

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2/23/12: THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS and DEAD THINGS should both be out in March.

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8/29/11: New books on the way from Eric S. Brown and Nick Cook.

5/9/11: The detective horror antho is out. We've also accepted books from Gregory L. Norris, Randy Chandler, and David T. Wilbanks. Our first Mystery Novel is on the horizon, written by Robb White.

4/23/11: The Detective Horror antho is now CLOSED to submissions. Thank you.

3/31/11: We are almost done filling the detective horror antho. Cover design should be up in a couple weeks. And we are still open for novel submissions.

12/15/10: The Detective Horror anthology has been reopened to submissions. If you submitted during the last period we will be contacting you very soon. We apologize for the delay.

12/08/10: WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR NOVEL SUBMISSIONS. See our submissions page for more info.

12/07/10: We are back to working on the Hard Boiled Anthology. We hope to have the TOC in a week or two. Thanks.

10/12/10: PLEASE NOTE: The Hard Boiled Horror anthology is backed up. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. The Alien Horror anthology table of contents should be released by next week. Thanks!

10/01/10: Submissions have closed. Thank you.

8/9/10: Grand Mal Press is now accepting submissions to our first TWO anthologies. Details on our submissions page.