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Grand Mal Press is now a publishing alliance, wherein authors retain 100% of their sales royalties, as well as maintain complete control of their intellectual properties and sales channels, all while being part of our imprint family. No, we do not charge you any money to publish your book, but we do require professional editing and cover design, and of course your book must be accepted for publication. These services can be purchased through us for a discounted fee or you can use any outside source you desire so long as it meets our requirements. All our books are produced as paperbacks, ebooks, and sometimes audiobooks. If we like your novel, we will discuss the details in more depth.


Book Format and Accessibility: Books will be printed in POD format, with ebooks released in tandem. This means they WILL be available through online retailers such as,, etc. We will also promote it to the best of our abilities.


Submission guidelines: Email your manuscript as a WORD DOC attachment to contact_grandmalpress_com. Submissions MUST be made in 12pt Times New Roman, SINGLE SPACED in "normal" format. Please include a one-page query letter as well. Please do NOT send lengthy synopses; if we like what we read we will ask for more. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in your work not being considered.


Include your name and e-mail address on the cover page. Include the following: "This work is entirely original and my own and has not been previously published in any format whatsoever." No reprints. Put "Novel Submission" somewhere in the subject line of your email. Also include as much of the Title as possible in the subject line.


Return time: Decisions concerning acceptance or rejection will be made within a reasonable time by e-mail. If you have not heard from us after 3 months inquire by e-mail.







Genre Related Humor (I.E. Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams)


We are NOT interested in Erotica, or Graphic Novels.


We are NOT accepting submissions for short story collections or novellas at this time.

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